We are looking for Relations volunteers to help us identify Sponsors and Partners to establish long term relationships with PMI-GC in the following areas

Augsburg, Regensburg, Südbaden, Ulm and Würzburg

We are also looking for Relations volunteers build sponsor relations in the following Circles:
PMI Education Foundation, Researchers, Training Providers, Benchmarking and Media.

What's in it for you? Volunteering offers you the following:

  • Networking outside your typical circles (with other volunteers but also with sponsors and partners)
  • Leadership experience
  • Learning new skills from the tasks and from other volunteers
  • Development of a growth strategy together with the team and support for administrative activities;
  • Opportunity to build a sustainable and relevant network and to gain practical experience in conceptual work
  • Opportunity to earn Professional development units

Basic Requirements:

  • Excellent Communication skills Strategic thinking
  • Self-starter
  • Open-Minded and have a Positive Attitude
  • Fluent German & English


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