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How to reconnect to your team (in a hybrid world)

30.11.2021 18:00 - 19:00
Online, Local Group Berlin Brandenburg


The Local Group Berlin/Brandenburg cordially invites you to the Chapter Meeting:


Theme: How to reconnect to your team (in a hybrid world)

We need to move to a hybrid work model, somehow - and that is a fact.

What is also a fact is that we mostly talk about tools, instruments and strategies to do it. You know… technology, how to run a hybrid meeting, formats and so on…

Is that enough?

Unfortunately not… looking at research and talking to people that are actually doing the job it is clear there is an element missing.

Your people.

At this very moment, 2 out of 5 people are ready to quit if they are forced back in the office in any way.

(and that number is coming from two independent studies, one by McKinsey and one by Microsoft)

So… if you think that by focusing on tools, instrument, strategies to be more efficient you’ll be able to get people engaged, enthusiastic and willing to jump back on board, you are unfortunately sorely mistaken.

At large, people feel disengaged: disconnected from their work, their peers and their managers.

On top of that, plain and simple, we are exhausted. After a year and a half of insane pressure, we may have reached some sort of balance in working from home most of the time - how should we be enthusiastic about being shoved in three days a week in an office, what for?

I’ve seen this happening with different companies I work with and the solution is not easy.

While each case is its own world though, there are some similar patterns, these:
1 - people feel disengaged and distant (what I wrote above)
2 - C-Level is forcing people back in much more strongly than their teams are comfortable with
3 - Managers are in the middle of this tug of war, and they have the power to make it work

Managers are the ones that can talk to their teams and C-level, they have direct contact with both and can be ambassadors of one side to the other.

What’s more, they have a personal relationship with their teams, and that’s what we need to work on.

People don’t need more tools, interments or strategies: they need a person they can trust, someone that makes them feel valued, respected and seen.

And that is something that only a manager can do.

In this webinar then, we will exactly be looking at that, i.e.:
• what patterns we can recognize right now, and how
• what managers can and need to do
• how they can ethically regain their teams’ trust
• what instruments managers can use for that specific purpose - what roadmap is available.

You will leave this webinar with a renewed perspective on what you mean for your team and for people that work with you, and with an improved perception of how effective you can be not just as a manger, but as a people leader.



Edoardo Binda Zane is a leadership consultant and communication trainer. In his work, Edoardo provides teams and leaders with the right communication and leadership skills to thrive in increasingly dynamic markets, to face their frequent and disruptive changes and to increase their capability of generating value.
Throughout his career Edoardo has been working in and heading 7-figure business and policy projects, and he now combines that experience with other areas of work to develop skills in teams and individuals.


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Online, Local Group Berlin Brandenburg

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