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What is a Community of Practice?


A Community of Practice (abbreviated to CoP for simplicity) is a group of enthusiastic PMI members who want to exchange ideas and share experiences also through publications in the respective "field". The aim is to generate new ideas and concepts for practical application, which can then be used in practice.

Every day we are not in the ivory tower of theory, but try to find out which concepts, approaches or ideas work or work particularly well. Therefore, the focus of a CoP should be on the "P" - namely "practice".

Which types of CoPs do exist?

We know of two types of CoPs....

A topic-oriented CoP and an industry-sector CoP...

For the general difference between a topic-oriented CoP and an industry-sector CoP, you can listen to these two podcasts:

The CoP PMO - Project Management Office
The CoP Life Sciences - Projects in the Biotech Environment

Which CoPs do exist?

In principle, there are an infinite number. We will start again with only four, this time with 

  • a topic CoP
  • the industry-sector CoP Green Energy
  • the industry-sector CoP Life Sciences
  • the domain-specifc CoP AI

We started with a handful first, also to gain experience and see how the interaction works. These first CoPs were realised by the Volunteers of the PMI Germany Chapter:

You want to participate?

CoP Termine EN
Easy: Just search for the next CoP Event and register in the Event Calendar.

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