Digitization and the digital transformation are major topics of the day. But if you ask what exactly digitization is, what it is for, and how it can be implemented, opinions quickly diverge.

The "Community of Practice - Digitalization" wants to clarify this, determine the state of the art and identify suitable tools especially for project management, if necessary also design them. In cooperation with you and our partners, we would like to help raise awareness of digitization in project management. We will not only look at current trends, but also try to confirm or reject hypotheses on criteria, benefits and maturity levels supported by research.

We have an agile mindset in the community and approach the topic in an open-ended way, we illuminate the first steps of "digitization" (the transformation of analog into a machine-readable format) up to the "digital transformation", the establishment of completely new business models. For this purpose we conduct e.g. surveys and use the experiences within the community and the One German chapter.
Become part of the community and exchange ideas on this exciting topic in the community. Be part of shaping the project management of the future.

“You cannot predict the future, but you can create it.” (Peter Drucker)

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