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Online event LG Darmstadt: Be like Water My Friend (Integrating Taiji Principles for Efficiency and Stress Reduction in Project Management)

Online event LG Darmstadt: Be like Water My Friend (Integrating Taiji Principles for Efficiency and Stress Reduction in Project Management)

In this presentation, we embark on a unique journey of blending ancient wisdom with modern project management techniques to achieve our goals with minimal energy input and stress. We begin by exploring the profound principles of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taiji, drawing parallels to their counterparts in the world of project management. By understanding the harmony and balance that Taiji embodies, we uncover strategies for optimizing our project endeavors.
Building on this foundation, we delve into a cross-cultural analysis, comparing conflict resolution approaches in the Western world with those in China. This exploration sheds light on the cultural nuances that influence our decision-making and conflict management styles.
Finally, we unveil the 36 Strategems for conflict resolution, elucidating their application in the realm of project management. Real-world examples illustrate how these age-old tactics can be leveraged to overcome obstacles, enhance collaboration, and achieve project success while conserving valuable energy and mitigating stress. Join us in discovering the art of harmonious project management through the wisdom of Taiji and the strategic prowess of the 36 Strategems.

Michael Fritzsche
HAHN Automation Group (Director Project Management)



Global Citizen
Born in East Germany (16years in communism), Living in West German
Working globally (US, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Spain, Austria, China, Mexico...)

Dipl Ing Controls Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, altMBA, PGMP
Taiji course instructor

25 years’ experience in global Project Management
17 years ThyssenKrupp (PM => Manager PM)
8 years HAHN Automation Group (Director Project Management)
Mainly Automotive Industry


Questions? lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de  

Event Information

Event Date 07.11.2023 18:00
Event End Date 07.11.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited

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