Actually, the PMI Germany Chapter has one industry specific and five theme focused Communities of Practice (CoPs), which main goal is to exchange knowledge and best practices within a team of volunteers and contribute it externally to different channels like Chapter Magazine, Newsletter, Social Media, etc. CoPs also play a significant role in inspiring and motivating the new members and Volunteers, because it should ensure room for team collaboration, collective learning and sharing of ideas.

The Variety of topics, experience, characters, and vibes across the CoPs is a huge source of potential, that can enormously develop not only the Germany chapter, but also the whole PMI Community.

In order to canalize this potential and energy on more effective and productive way we started developing a new Concept for CoPs’ management.

In the beginning was the vision. Long before the merger into the PMI Germany Chapter, the first product of the not yet officially founded PMI Germany Chapter was decided: the Communities of Practice. Jörg Glunde, acting VP Member, with the support of Thomas Wuttke, looked for volunteers in the merging associations who would like to find and lead a Community of Practice. All of these so-called CoP Heads had a clear vision: they wanted to achieve leadership in project management topics, to strengthen the relevance in the project management community, and on the other hand to enable our members throughout Germany to engage in professional exchange and discourse in order to prepare and place practical ideas in the German PM community - in any case, the results should also be presented to a broad chapter audience.

Thanks go to the CoP Heads of the first hour, who got this stone rolling:

Annett Schlotte
Antje Lehmann-Benz
Dr. Sandra Gohrbandt
Dr. Eckhard Hauenherm
Dr. Peter Fey
Dr. Ralf Braune
 Florian Ardigheri
Frank Tassone
Marco Steidel
Mirko Blüming
Stefan Brüning
Thomas Wuttke

In the meantime, about 100 members were involved in the CoPs, but the ambitious goals were not reached as the Heads of CoPs imagined. So a new concept was needed.

What makes the new concept so special?
In the initiation phase of the concept we started collecting the individual needs, wishes and goals of different CoPs. That will be a basis for us to scale them to a mutual profitable working mode, which is following the common ceremonies and contributing to the same mission. More than that the concept aims to bring some innovative formats and tools, which will encourage the direct and faster communication across the CoPs and volunteers.

Finally, core values of the new concept will be:
  • Leading By Example - where mutual respect, empathy, professional attitude, self-discipline, open mind, and high motivation will be the main drivers in CoPs’ management
  • Professional Expertise - sharing knowledge, experience, standards and feedback
  • Enthusiasm - solution orientation thinking, inspiring, supporting, and motivating people and ideas
Vision of the new concept
High performing community of experts, which contribute to significant topics and create a scalable database of knowledge and tools worldwide

Mission of the new concept
With the new concept, we want to create advanced knowledge and sharing best practices to support and promote innovative solutions to the challenges in project, program, or portfolio management areas.

With all this our aim will be to make a CoPs even more attractive place for a lot of new members and volunteers, to boost the motivation of existing ones and to win all their great ideas for the PMI Germany Chapter Community.

In the next months the Concept will start its performing phase and we well be more than happy to further share some result with you.

Support Needed

It will not work without support to implement the new concept.

Apply here as Head of CoP:

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