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Afterwork company visit at Projektron GmbH

Together with our chapter sponsor


the Local Group Berlin invites you to an interesting evening.
Learn how to use personas in marketing as well as in product development and system implementation. They enable a better understanding of the customer and are an innovative tool for communication.

In the application of BPMN with Projektron BCS, processes are created and edited directly via a graphic interface in the software and process contents are compiled using drag & drop. It is shown how BPMN diagrams are created and specific parameters are set.

Event Date 12.10.2023 17:00
Event End Date 12.10.2023 19:30
Capacity 40
Registered 6
Available Place 34
Cut off date 11.10.2023 10:00
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG Darmstadt: Blinded by Bias: Navigating Cognitive Pitfalls in Project Management

On Critical Thinking.

"Blinded by Bias: Navigating Cognitive Pitfalls in Project Management"

Presented by Dmitrii Ilenkov


A project management practitioner (PMP, Ph.D).

PMI volunteer (Chapter President), and contributing to standards (The Standard for EVM, The Standard for Project Estimating, PMBOK7, NUPP and P3.express) and developing e-learning courses in my company.

Project management isn't just about tasks and timelines; it's also about tackling unseen cognitive biases that can skew our decision-making. This webinar will unveil the most common biases like confirmation bias and planning fallacy, highlight their impact on projects through real-life examples, and offer practical strategies for recognition and mitigation. Elevate your project management skills by understanding and navigating the subconscious influences that may be hindering your project's success. Join us for a concise yet comprehensive exploration of this vital topic.


Questions? lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 

Event Date 12.10.2023 18:00
Event End Date 12.10.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 35
Individual Price Free

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Digital literacy in project management

Together with the Dresden regional group of GPM e.V., the PMI Local Group Dresden invites you to the topic

Digital literacy in project management

The use of digital technologies has a disruptive effect on the value creation of companies and the entire economic system. New business models are emerging, old ones are being transformed. Work and business processes change accordingly and lead to new competence requirements. Find out more here...

Event Date 16.10.2023 18:00
Event End Date 16.10.2023 20:00
Capacity 100
Registered 3
Available Place 97
Individual Price Free

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Agil? Klassisch? Hybrid? Welche Projektmanagement-Methode ist "die Beste"?

Vor dieser Frage stehen wir alle oft genug. 

Die Antwort ist ein klares "das kommt drauf an." 

Ausgehend von diesen 3 Ansätzen (agil, klassisch, hybrid) wollen wir zusammen anhand von einigen Hypothesen diskutieren, welche Methode "die Beste" ist, oder ob es eine Solche überhaupt geben kann. 

Event Date 24.10.2023 18:00
Event End Date 24.10.2023 21:00
Capacity 30
Registered 3
Available Place 27
Cut off date 23.10.2023 23:00
Individual Price Free

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The english speaking round table Region South invites you to attend "Attacks on ciritcal infrastructures"


Chanaka Perera

Jutta Zilian


  • Critical Infrastructure (KRITIS) what it is and which organisations and institutions with a social function are in
  • Latest attacks on critical infrastructure
  • cyberattacks and attack vectors
  • NIS 2 regulation and the directive on NIS 2 regulation implementation.

We will use Teams, Link will provided latest the day prior to the event.


Jutta & Chanaka

Event Date 30.10.2023 18:00
Event End Date 30.10.2023 19:00
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 11
Cut off date 30.10.2023 09:00
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG DA: Project Wonders from Northern Macedonia

Project Wonders from Northern Macedonia

Northern Macedonia with its capital Skopje and less than 2 million inhabitants is a powerhouse of young people creating startups, developing SW products and doing other amazing things. 

Learn from Stefan Miteski what he has achieved and how you can benefit from connecting with the community in this small country.

by Stefan Miteski https://www.linkedin.com/in/miteskistefan/


Questions? LGDarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 

Event Date 31.10.2023 18:00
Event End Date 31.10.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 3
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG Darmstadt: Be like Water My Friend (Integrating Taiji Principles for Efficiency and Stress Reduction in Project Management)

In this presentation, we embark on a unique journey of blending ancient wisdom with modern project management techniques to achieve our goals with minimal energy input and stress. We begin by exploring the profound principles of the ancient Chinese philosophy of Taiji, drawing parallels to their counterparts in the world of project management. By understanding the harmony and balance that Taiji embodies, we uncover strategies for optimizing our project endeavors.
Building on this foundation, we delve into a cross-cultural analysis, comparing conflict resolution approaches in the Western world with those in China. This exploration sheds light on the cultural nuances that influence our decision-making and conflict management styles.
Finally, we unveil the 36 Strategems for conflict resolution, elucidating their application in the realm of project management. Real-world examples illustrate how these age-old tactics can be leveraged to overcome obstacles, enhance collaboration, and achieve project success while conserving valuable energy and mitigating stress. Join us in discovering the art of harmonious project management through the wisdom of Taiji and the strategic prowess of the 36 Strategems.

Michael Fritzsche
HAHN Automation Group (Director Project Management)



Global Citizen
Born in East Germany (16years in communism), Living in West German
Working globally (US, Poland, Netherlands, UK, Brazil, Spain, Austria, China, Mexico...)

Dipl Ing Controls Engineering, Bachelor of Business Administration, altMBA, PGMP
Taiji course instructor

25 years’ experience in global Project Management
17 years ThyssenKrupp (PM => Manager PM)
8 years HAHN Automation Group (Director Project Management)
Mainly Automotive Industry


Questions? lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de  

Event Date 07.11.2023 18:00
Event End Date 07.11.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 21
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG Darmstadt: Essential Skills to Lead Experience-Driven Cultures by PMI Fellow Al Zeitoun

Essential Skills to Lead Experience-Driven Cultures

by Al Zeitoun, PMI Fellow

Questions? LGDarmstadt@pmi-gc.de

Event Date 08.11.2023 18:00
Event End Date 08.11.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 6
Individual Price Free

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How PM can benefit from AI and a strong link to Innovation Management?

PMI Germany Chapter e.V. - Region South is back with 2 top-class speakers from Kaercher and Zoi in English exclusive at Zoi headquarters in Stuttgart – Bad Cannstatt.

Date/Time: Monday, 20 November 2023, 18:00 – 21:00

Location: Zoi TechCon GmbH, Door 19, Quellenstraße 7, 70376 Stuttgart, Germany

Cost: Free of charge, 3 PDUs

Event Date 20.11.2023 18:00
Event End Date 20.11.2023 21:00
Capacity 30
Registered 6
Available Place 24
Cut off date 19.11.2023 18:00
Individual Price Free

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Online event LG Darmstadt: Lifelong Learning for PMs

Lifelong Learning for Project Managers

Fun learning with games

1. The lifelong learning approach – the world is your classroom.
2. Games as a better way to learn.
3. Why do we play games?
4. Serious games to learn and practice project management.
5. Whispers – a call-to-action for a specific task that can be written on a small note and carried out during a normal workday.

PM Topics:
1. The universal foundations of project management – planning, control and communication.
2. The importance of planning a project – whether long term or in waves.
3. The Waterfall, Agile and the hybrid methodologies to manage projects.

by Daniel Zitter, Israel '

Daniel is and experienced project manager and PMO, a licensed industrial management engineer, and PMO Certified Consultant (PMO-CC®) on behalf of the PMO Global Alliance;
Daniel is passionate about project management, and he's happy to tell anyone who will listen. He appreciates the complexities of managing a project. He enjoys discussing it with others and teaching the methodologies, thought processes and how to deal with the questions and challenges that are sure to arise. And he's happy to share his knowledge and experience with clients, friends and acquaintances – because he believes deeply in what he does, how he does it and that doing it right makes a huge difference to the outcome.
In recent years, Daniel is also the Israeli ambassador of the PMO Global Alliance organization and a member of the judging team of the PMO Global Awards competition in which he helps in selecting the best PMO bodies in the world.


Questions? lgdarmstadt@pmi-gc.de 

Event Date 04.12.2023 18:00
Event End Date 04.12.2023 19:30
Capacity Unlimited
Registered 3
Individual Price Free

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