230409 MentoringIn just over a month the first round of the mentoring program for members of the PMI Germany Chapter ends. The overall feedback is very positive and offers helpful recommendations ahead of the preparation for our second round, targeted to kick off in Q1/24. 

In mid-December, the first round of our mentoring program will be completed. In this initial round, 68 participants embarked on a journey of sharing experiences and mutual support. 33 mentors are guiding 35 mentees - including 8 members of the PMI Chapter Ukraine. Even though this round is still ongoing, the feedback we (as program team) did receive through an anonymous survey is quite encouraging for us. 

A large majority of the participants rated the program from satisfied to very satisfied (see Fig.).  Each row in the figure above represents feedback provided by one participant. Each column represents a question about the program, or the collaboration between the mentoring partners. Green responses indicate a rating of either satisfied (light green) or very satisfied (dark green). Orange and red indicate not satisfied / areas of improvements. Blue means no response. Feedback of mentors (left) and mentees (right) are displayed separately. 

We’re happy to share a sample of feedback received in the survey from mentees: 

  • “My mentor is a very competent and helpful partner. I am very satisfied with his support and tips.”  
  • “Very good exchange: trustful, interesting, instructive.” 

We received good feedback from mentors as well: 

  • "“Very good match, both professionally and personally.”  
  • “A fantastic learning and growth opportunity for both coach and mentee.” 

We also received quite valuable improvement suggestions and constructive criticism from participants on such topics as expectation management, communication, program flexibility, matching and feedback questionnaire optimization: 

  • “The duration should be dependent on the participants and situational. Goal setting can evolve from the conversations.” 
  • “The answer options in the questionnaire are unusual in my view [and] do not fit at all to some of the questions.” 

We have started to analyze and discuss the feedback received in detail to improve the process ahead of the second round. 

We are pleased that responses to this first round are so encouraging and hope for an even larger attendance of chapter members in the second cycle, with even more mentors (returning and new), and mentees. We do count on our chapter members to commit themselves to being mentors!  

 A heartfelt thank you to all the mentors who fill already now the program with life through their engagement and commitment. We are convinced that mentors benefit from mentoring their more junior peers and develop both professionally and personally alongside their mentee partner. Not to mention the joy it brings to exchange experiences with and to help others. The feedback confirms it and we hope that valuable and long-lasting relationships will arise from this first cycle and the future ones. 

If you are interested in the program, please follow the announcements for the second cycle, which will start soon after the new year. 

We are looking forward to seeing you in the program! 
Daniel, Michael and Mireille, your mentoring program team

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