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Focus areas:
Q1 - Planning and management of projects i Corona time
Q2 -Sustainability and climate protection in project management.
Q3- Artificial intelligence and project work
Q4- PM as key to the success of the new government and addressing other "Grand Challenges".

1. planning and management of projects in the Corona time
The pandemic gives us an unclear environment. Corona and its new variant Omikron present us with new challenges. Projects are being completed at an accelerated pace because they are prioritized like emergency measures. Temporary measures are preferred to longer-term solutions because of the urgent need for action. New risks become visible: resources can become scarce due to high quarantine rates, team building during home office time becomes more difficult, onboarding and socialization of new employees* becomes a problem. Managers complain about the risk of losing control.
How can we as project managers react to the new situation? What new kind of leadership, communication and team building is required?
Are there new principles that can lead in the project management pandemic?

Contributions and ideas could be:

Projects become more people-centered, work under human conditions, empathy, "social reconciliation," strong emphasis on communication.
Government and public service projects in the pandemic - speed, legitimacy, visible benefits for all, solidarity.

2. sustainability and climate change mitigation in project management.
How can new ideas on sustainability and climate change mitigation be translated into reality? Have the framework conditions fundamentally changed and can we speak of a paradigm shift also in project management? Is sustainability a new dimension in the triangle Cost, Time, Scope and should it be considered as a separate factor?

Contributions and ideas could be:

Developing processes that have a sustainable effect, utility realization over longer periods,
We do not understand the topic only green and ecological, but want to understand the topic more broadly e.g. digitalization for a sustainable future.
A guideline are the "Sustainable Development Goals" of the UN.

3 Artificial intelligence and project work - AI and project work
How can we use Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics in projects in a beneficial and profitable way? To what extent can collected data and information tell us about the progress of a project? How can we achieve better knowledge management in complex projects that goes beyond a common repository of data?

Contributions and ideas to this could be:

We want to give examples of how a modern PMO can deliver better results in a world of AI-assisted software solutions. To what extent can resource and skills management be optimized with hybrid and AI supported systems?
4. PM as key to the success of the new government and addressing the other "Grand Challenges".
What are the new grand challenges of government in Germany, in Europe and globally? How can we as PM support the management of the challenges? What is the role of project management? What new skills should we develop to be able to give the best support.
Contributions and ideas could be:

To what extent do industry-specific knowledge and specialized project management play a role in advancing the issues in construction, energy transition, healthcare, education/schools/universities, family policy, children's rights, digitization of government, etc.?
PM light for the activists, agents of positive change.
Build business knowledge to understand and help implement strategic goals. Further development of skills and abilities in communication, rhetoric, negotiation in order to be able to assert a stronger influence in a "communication society".


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