We now (starting 13.1.22) have a blog live on our website.

Everyone can access the blog and read the posts.
To comment on a post, we ask that you log in to the website or register for the first time if you do not have an account.
Logged in users can comment, like and also share the post via social media.

If you would like to submit an article, please contact VP Communication. You will then be added to the editorial team.

We want to address both professional project managers* via technically highly qualified contributions and young people and PM interested people who are not (yet) experts in the field of PM via technically suitable but not too complicated contributions.
With blog posts we can express thoughts, share insights, tell stories, report about events and give our impressions about current events. Anyone can comment and contribute valuable information.
A blog post covers a specific topic and should be up to 600 words max.

By doing so, we increase awareness, credibility, liveliness of the community. We can contribute to more visitors coming to our website and we become a platform for topical content on the subject of project management.

Cookies help us providing a more comfortable user experience for you. Anonymized statistics are part of this, but no ad trackers! So please accept cookies.