As part of our next Chapter Magazine in May 2022, we would like to discuss the topic of sustainability and climate protection in project management. Please send contributions by May 05, 2022 to

220412 PM Magazin Aufruf Q2 2022

The topic of sustainability and climate protection in project management raises many questions that we would like to highlight in the magazine. How can new ideas on sustainability and climate protection be turned into reality? Have the framework conditions fundamentally changed and can we speak of a paradigm shift in project management as well? Is sustainability a new dimension in the Cost, Time, Scope triangle and should it be considered as a separate factor? We want to discuss the topic not only ecologically, but more broadly, e.g. also including topics of digitalization for a sustainable future.

One guideline are the „UN Sustainable Development Goals“

If you would like to write an article on this topic, please send it to the Chapter Magazine editorial office by 05.05.2022

Thank you in advance for your support, we are looking forward to your contributions.


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