Start of our New Workshop Series from May 31, 2022, continuously once a month with deep-dive topics.

Our top speaker Robert Beckenbauer - competitive athlete, consultant, coach, and trainer - will introduce you to the concept of "Martial Arts for Managers and Executives" in this initial workshop.
The two focal points will be explained:

  • Martial Arts and Leadership - What can managers learn from Asian Martial Arts and their philosophy,
  • Competitive Sports and Management - What can managers learn from competitive sports and sports psychology.

Professionally, we managers are high-performance athletes in constant use. The only difference is that we mainly mobilize our intellectual and mental powers in our knowledge and information society, neglecting our bodies more and more.

Time, performance, and success pressure, crises such as pandemics and war, lead to constant stress, depression, and burnout. Managers and employees suffer greatly from this but do not like to talk about it.

We learn success factors from competitive sports that we have to keep in balance to be successful in the long term and the long run. The Asian martial arts offer us all the necessary dimensions to support the personal maturation process and that of the team. In addition to further lectures, exercises, and individual and group work, you will be given tools to be able to consistently perform and thus be successful.

Moderated by Andrea De Ruiter.

We look forward to seeing you!

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