Social responsibility is becoming increasingly important, as current developments show. Not only, but also as a project manager of a Non-Governmental Organization.

The Social Responsibility Program is an initiative of the PMI Germany Chapter e. V. - members of the chapter use their competence and experience in project management as volunteers to support projects with a social and sustainable background.

We are very grateful to Manfred Ott for what he has built up over the last years - even more, how much he has made the chapter a serious partner with many NGOs in Germany based on his predecessors in this honorary position, among others Dr. Torben Mauch, PMP and Robert Schosser.

We are currently looking for a successor for Manfred, who will unfortunately leave us in the summer. Now it's time to set up the program for the future - if this is a task that appeals to you, please contact here.

220412 Head Social Responsibility

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