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1) You want to develop in your profession

Volunteering can help you in your professional career. It gives you the opportunity to try out different professional fields, gain experience, expand your skills and learn things that will benefit you on the job or be an advantage when applying for a job.

2) You want to try out and get to know new things

Volunteering gives you the opportunity to just try things out. You would like to do something, but you are not sure if you can do it. Volunteering gives you the opportunity to gain practical experience and to see yourself in new situations. On this way you expand your horizons and acquire new skills and knowledge.

3) You want to strengthen your self-confidence

At first glance, this may sound a bit far-fetched, but by volunteering, you learn what you are good at, gain more confidence in yourself and strengthen your self-esteem.

4) You want to be part of advancing the best and coolest way of working to shape our future

You are convinced that the project work form is something great. You are working in it or have started working in it and would like to share your insights and experiences with others and be involved in the further development of this way of working.

5) You would like to do something meaningful

With your volunteer work you want to set priorities in your life and do what is really important to you.

6) You want to help because helping makes you happy

Happiness research has long since scientifically proven that helping makes people happy and satisfied. This is because we usually receive direct feedback on our actions. If you help someone and they thank you for it, then that is the highest evaluation of a voluntary activity.

7) You want to make contacts

Volunteering is where you get to meet other people, make new contacts, and interact with others. If you like to meet new people from different backgrounds and regardless of age, volunteering is a great way to do this. Working together for a good cause, pulling together, sometimes discussing, working together and celebrating successes: in volunteering you will find like-minded people - and often friends for life!

8) You want to improve your resume

Volunteering looks good on your resume. This reason may not be the most important when deciding to volunteer, but it's a nice addition. Many employers view volunteerism in a positive light. A potential employer can tell by looking at you that you are engaged and contributing to society in a meaningful way in your spare time. Employers know that people who volunteer are eager to learn and change. These qualities are more and more valued in professional environments where change is constant.

The PMI Germany Chapter offers many opportunities to volunteer. You can work on content, e.g. help in the IT area, maintain and develop our website, or as part of our Social Reponsibility Project Initiative, volunteer to help non-profit organizations with their projects, or organize and run events in local groups, or work with others to promote a topic such as partnerships with other organizations, or simply write texts like this one. Our offer is rich and varied. There is sure to be something good for you.

Have a look at our Volunteer Opportunities PMI Germany Chapter e.V. or contact us with your wishes and ideas at volunteerapplications@pmi-gc.de.

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