21 02 28 Welcome FlyerEvery new member in the PMI Germany Chapter – whether coming from a merged chapter or as completely new member – received a welcome flyer in the letter mail to welcome them.

The PMI Germany Chapter is especially proud that it even sent a Welcome Flyer to all of its 121 members abroad in 31 different countries, as long as they provided a correct address on pmi.org. The restriction with the correct postal address also applies to members in Germany - so to some really no flyer could be sent.

And this is how our foreign members are distributed:


21 02 28 Verteilung Mitglieder

And most – 45 members – are from the United States.
A few more numbers: Since the start of booking on https://www.pmi.org/ on January the 10th and Go-Live of the Germany Chapter website https://pmi-gc.de/ on January 19th, 3,051 members have found their way to the PMI Germany Chapter - whether via automatic member transfer in the background or proactively on their own. 

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