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PM4TheWorld 24-hour Charity Conference - Turkey-Syria Earthquake Relief

The PMI community is shocked and saddened by the suffering and loss of life experienced by the people of Türkiye and Syria. This devastating earthquake has impacted so many, and the harsh winter brings further hardship.

To assist those impacted the Project management community has committed to contribute to the relief effort in Türkiye and Syria. Project Management Institute, PMI UK, and Europe Chapters, along with the Valense Network and Pragsix, are combining their resources to organise a 24-hr conference to help the people affected by the earthquake in Türkiye and Syria.

The conference is divided into four (4) regions covering the whole world by time zone. They will relay each other in 6 hours periods, each with one panel and four (4) speakers.

The conference will be opened by Pierre Le Manh, PMI CEO and President and after a 24-hour marathon session be closed by Oivier Lazar, PMI Vice-President for Youth and Social Impact.

The conference themes will cover:

  • Panels - Discussions about what project managers can do to help?
  • Testimony - People who work in disaster zones or with refugees
  • Relief Projects - Disaster or support projects
  • Agility and adaptability - Delivering projects and programs in chaotic situations
  • Technical - Tools & techniques to use in extreme situation
  • Business- Philanthropy and CSR (corporate social responsibility)

PM4TheWorld Charity Conference is VOLUNTEER-LED, and FREE to attend. Participants are requested to DONATE to teams on-the-ground providing life-saving assistance to families affected by the disaster.

Die Konfereny wird ausschliesslich in Englisch veranstaltet

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

Beginn der Veranstaltung 29.03.2023 07:00
Ende der Veranstaltung 30.03.2023 09:00
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Teilnehmer 0
Einzelpreis Frei
Veranstaltungsort Online

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